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CECOC, the BE Explosives Notified Body (ENB), proposes technical services for the certification (CE-marking) of explosives within the scope of the European Directive 93/15/EEC. The Directive 93/15/EEC describes the essential safety requirements for:

  • blasting explosives
  • detonating cords and safety fuses
  • detonators and blasting connectors
  • propellants

For detailed information, please contact Prof. M.H. Lefebvre using the contact form.

Delivered Certificates
Name Product Manufacturer Certificate Number
PB410/500U, PBC4150, PCL4150 gun propellant PBClermont 2006.06.29-013-004_01
PB410/600, PBC4160, PCL4160, PB420/600, PBC4260, PCL4260 gun propellant PBClermont 2006.06.29-013-004_02
PB450/700, PBC4570, PB500/700, PBC5070, PCL5070 gun propellant PBClermont 2006.06.29-013-004_03
K626, K6210-13, CH1184, RD, PBC671, PCL671 gun propellant PBClermont 2006.06.29-013-004_04
.22Ramset, PBC733, PCL733 gun propellant PBClermont 2006.06.29-013-004_05
PCL531, PBC135 gun propellant PBClermont 2006.06.29-013-004_06
PBC673, PBC674, PCL673, PCL674 gun propellant PBClermont 2006.06.29-013-004_07
7.62mm Corta Gittata, PBC339, PCL339 gun propellant PBClermont


Nitral B ANFO Dynamichaines


Nitro D8B ANFO Dynamichaines


PBC786, PBC766, PBC767, PBC787 Gun propellant PBClermont


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