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Technical Activities
CECOC is an association of university laboratories gathering expertise on energetic materials and explosions.
Its activities range from standard testing of explosive materials, pyrotechnic articles,fireworks and mining accessories for CE-marking to specific assessment of safety and performances of explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics.

Standardisation Activities

CECOC has been actively involved in the preparation of the EN standards on “explosives for civil uses” (series EN-13630, EN-13631, EN-13763, EN-13857, and EN-13938). These standards are the reference standards for fulfilling the essential requirements of Directive 93/15/EC.


CECOC is currently active in the preparation of EN-standards on "pyrotechnic articles", under the Directive 07/23/EC.


CECOC is a member of IBN/BIN, the Belgian Institute for Standardization.

Explosives and Pyritechnical Articles Certification

CECOC is a private and administrative house, independent from all industrial activities, managing and bearing responsibility for the technical testing of high explosives, detonators, detonating cords and propellants in Belgium. It is also in charge of the testing of pyrotechnic articles and fireworks.

CECOC has been approved as European notified body according to the Directive 93/15 mod B, C, D, F and G for CE-marking and to the Directive 07/23 mod B, C,D, F, and G under N° CECOC-1646

Guidance and information on the CECOC's certification activities are given in the
explosives certification section (for explosives and propellants) or to the pyrotechnics certification section (for pyrotechnical articles and fireworks).

The actual technical activities are carried out by the CECOC's founding laboratories.

For its testing activity on electric detonators, CECOC has formal partnership with the Swedish Explosive Notified Body, SP.

For its testing activity on pyrotechnical articles and fireworks, CECOC has a formal partnership with the French laboratory AL and the Chinese testing house HKIPTL.


Information for testing and certifying explosives, propellants, detonators and safety fuses can be obtained at
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Information for testing and certifying fireworks articles, categories 1 to 4, can be obtained at

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Scientific Research

Through the scientific activities of its affiliated laboratories, CECOC is involved in various scientific research projects involving energetic materials. Examples of these projects are:

  • gas phase explosion and detonation
  • solid explosive characterization
  • explosive charge design and performances
  • chemical stability of explosives and propellants
  • firing nuisance measurements
  • structural response to explosive blast
  • detection and analysis of explosives
  • remediation of explosives contaminated soil
  • forensic investigation
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