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What is CECOC?

 CECOC asbl/vzw (CEntre de COntrôle de Carnelle) is an association of university laboratories aimed for the control and testing of explosives, shot firing nuisance - in the laboratory or in situ - and all technical and forensic studies involving energetic materials.
CECOC is the Belgian Explosives Notified Body (ENB) for the assessment and certification (CE-marking) of explosives within the scope of the European Directive 93/15/EEC.
CECOC can also provide guidance for safety requirements and handling of high explosives, detonators, propellants and pyrotechnics.
CECOC, trough its laboratories, is active in technical and scientific research on energetic materials.

CECOC founding Laboratories

Centre de Recherche de Carnelle

Location:  Chatelet
Details:  Affiliated Laboratory

Division Applied Mechanics and Energy Conversion

Location:  Katholiek Universiteit Leuven (not a member anymore).

Laboratoire de la Combustion

Location:  Département de Chimie, Université Catholique de Louvain
Details:  Laboratory specialized in combustion related investigation and research

Laboratory for Energetic Materials

Location:  Dept. of Chemistry, Royal Military Academy
Details:  For its activity on explosive testing, the LEM is accredited ISO 17025 (BELAC N°273).

Laboratory for Explosion Effects

Location:  Dept. of Civil Engineering, Royal Military Academy
Details:  For its activity in the field of explosive effect on material structures, the LMSS is accredited ISO 17025 (BELAC N°273).

Research and Development Division

Location:  PB Clermont
Details:  affiliated laboratory
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