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Looking for the control and testing of explosives or pyrotechnic articles, shot firing nuisance, technical studies or forensic investigation involving energetic materials including CE-marking? You are welcome!
Testing of an explosive emulsion cartridge using a high speed camera.
  • 1992 - Founding of CECOC - Start of technical activities
  • 1993 - Accredited by the Belgian National Autority for testing of mining accessories
  • 1997 - Member of IBN-BIN (Belgian Standardisation Body)
  • 1997 - Member of CEN Technical Group TC321 - Active in all Working Groups
  • 2004 - European Explosives Notified Body, N° 1646
  • 2008 - Member of CEN Technical Group TC212 - Pyrotechnic articles - Active in all Working Groups
  • 2010 - European Pyrotechnics Notified Body, N° 1646


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Member Laboratories
Laboratory for Energetic Materials, Dept. of Chemistry, Royal Military Academy. Laboratory for Explosion Effects, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Royal Military Academy. Centre de Recherche de Carnelle Research and Development Division , PB Clermont
Associated Laboratories
Swedish Explosives Notified Body Honk Kong Int'l Pyrotechnics Testing Laboratory Art Laboratoire
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